Photovoltaic Installations

Through a Photovoltaic Power Plant it is possible for companies to produce part of the electricity they consume, thereby reducing their energy bill. Ecoinside develops turnkey photovoltaic projects in the UPAC or UPP model from 100 kW to 5 MW.

Energy Audits

An Energy Audit is a detailed assessment of all energy flows within a given facility. The knowledge of these flows and their vectors in time, space and form, allow the precise energetic knowledge of the installation, enabling, from there, to define rationalization strategies.


Adapting the luminous flux to an industrial space is quite different than to a commercial space or services. Creating or reshaping space lighting requires adequate engineering knowledge such as system power, armor and component efficiency, color temperature, color rendering index, glow index, flow rate and amount of light. Because each activity has specific and concrete needs, it is necessary to design its correct installation and install the most appropriate technology, elaborating the respective lighting studies and also framing it from the point of view of economic and financial rationality.

Energy Procurement

Negotiation in order to obtain the best possible energy tariff. The Ecoinside EP department is benchmarking in this area. With this knowledge Ecoinside challenges the different energy providers, thus obtaining the best possible contract for the particular case of each of our customers.




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