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A UPAC is a production unit for self-consumption as defined by the Decree 153/2014 of 12 October, being the power of connection of the production unit limited to the hired potency of consumption installation.
A UPP is a Small Production Unit with power of connection equal or inferior to 250 kW, as defined by the Decree 153/2014 of 20 October. These systems, through renewable energies (one only production technology, inject the total of produced energy on the public service electric grid (RESP). The UPP’s are limited to the hired power of the associated consumer installation and, in an annual basis, the produced energy cannot exceed the double of consumed energy in the consumer installation. The UPP’s are segmented in 3 categories (simple, with the refueling of electric car and with associated thermal solar panels), being the energy tariff established on auction, where each producer makes a bidding of the discount value that intends to accept.
SGCIE is the System of Management of Intensive Consumption of Energy, which was created in the National Strategy for Energy that was published trough Decree n. º 71/2008. This Diploma was altered by Act n. º 7/2013, 22 January, and by Decree n. º 68-A/2015, 30 April.
The SGCIE applies to energy intensive installations (CIE) with consumptions exceeding 500 tep / year, resulting from the revision of the RGCE-Regulation of Energy Consumption Management, one of the measures included in the National Plan of Action on Efficiency Energetic. That is to say, it applies to CIE installations which, in the previous calendar year, had an energy consumption of more than 500 tons of oil equivalent (500 tep / year), excluding legally autonomous cogeneration installations and transport or fleet undertakings themselves.
Any installation with consumptions of less than 500 tep / year, may apply the SGCIE and enter into Agreements for Rationalization of Energy Consumption with the DGEG, thus being able to enjoy the exemption of the ISP as provided in Decree-Law No. 71/2008.

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